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The Bethlehem News Broadcasting Channel (BNBC) presents: Live News Coverage of "A Night to Remember"

Each family will "broadcast" from their own location/home/yard/garage – as may be appropriate (using an iphone, android or other device to video their segment and submit it weeks in advance) and instead of just youth, this year we are asking for families to join in the fun! Here's the overview of how the program will work this year...


Join us as we check in on the goings-on in and around Bethlehem on the night of Jesus' birth. Tapping our own BSLC families as the journalists for this program, we will hear how the story unfolds through the video segments prepared by each family. One family might report about the angels bringing good news to the shepherds, while another might be interviewing Mary and Joseph about their long journey to Bethlehem, and still another family may have some hard questions for the innkeepers who turned this young couple away – you get the idea – and each family should bring their own spin to their segment, being as creative as you'd like to be (if you've ever watched the news, you know that you don't have to be perfect when it comes to reporting live in the field). We will also need some music (singing and/or instrumental) so if anyone in your family is musical and willing to submit video of their musical gifts of sacred Christmas-related music, please let Heather know (all ages are welcome – solos and groups).


What we need now is to understand how many families are willing and able to take part in the program so that Heather can write the program script and layout, and get parts and ideas to each family in time for videos to be created, submitted, and then providing a long enough editing time to David O'Neal who will use his video editing magic to bring this year's Christmas program to life!  That said, here are the deadlines:

  • By September 19 - Notify Heather or Pastor of your family's intent to participate (include names of participants, ages if you have youth who are participating, email and phone #, and willingness to provide music on video if you desire)

  • By October 10 – Heather will have the program written and the script sent to each family

  • By November 14 – Families complete their video segment and send to David O'Neal (via DropBox – more details to come). Early entries gladly accepted 😊

Thanks in advance for your support and help in bringing our 2020 Youth Christmas Program to life!

RSVP by September 19 by clicking the signup button and following the links

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