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Welcome to Beautiful Savior and to our Small Groups ministry that is all about building community in the body of Christ in a way that grows Christians spiritually and relationally in order that we might glorify Jesus caring for each other and our greater community. We hope you would consider joining a group.

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Why is community so important to your spiritual life?

Because you can’t grow spiritually unless you’re connected relationally. God designed you that way. He wants to use other people to grow you, and he wants to use you to grow other people.

We begin with an eight-week study—specifically designed for new small groups—you’ll explore how building deep relationships with the people in your group and serving the larger community around you will grow your faith. You’ll learn why your unique story matters to God and to the people you do life with.

Community provides a great opportunity for you to grow in your relationship with God, because life is better connected than separate.
You can join us in a couple of ways. We had a congregation-wide launch of new groups about 2 years ago.  We have 4 groups that meet on different weekdays and at different times and our coordinators can connect you with a small group. We could form a group or two just from your group of members.

Pastor Chris and Sky Morton are serving as coordinators of this new ministry at Beautiful Savior and they are the folks with the answers to your questions. Please contact us through the Contact Us link at the left margin or in the top menu.

Welcome to the Beautiful Savior family! We look forward to serving, Our Lord and each other!


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