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Whether you want to make new friends or help others through service, we have lots going on here – and we have a lot of fun together!


Spiritual  Growth

Join us as we unpack our faith.  Ask questions, search for answers, and seek to know more so your experience with God?s word will be personal. We know it will be powerful.  Our education is relevant and interactive. We offer something for all believers: the seeker, new Christians, children, young adults, the life long church-goer and everyone in between.

Education Hour

Our Sunday School program offers an opportunity for all ages to learn more about our Heavenly Father and His Holy Word on Sunday mornings at 9:45.

We have 2 options for Adult education, one Pastor led and one lay led. 


Due to a variety of confirmation approaches, we chose to open our confirmation program to children as early as 6th grade.  Classes are held weekly during the school year to learn more about the Christian faith, the sacraments and God’s commandments. Due to a variety of approaches to first communion we offer both the early “first communion” option (i.e. grades 5 or higher) as well as the more “traditional” option of tying it closely to the rite of confirmation.  Please speak to our Pastor who stands ready to assist you and your young person.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is held each summer for at least once for one week period.  Last year we had 60 children! Look for more children’s events to be held in the future.


Ladies Bible Study

Ladies who want a FAITH Lift attend this women’s Bible Study group on Monday or Tuesday nights to get rejuvenated. Whether it is a Beth Moore study or a book discussion, the group never fails to inspire those who attend.   Please call the church office for more information: 740-938-9122.


Adult Book Study

We also offer throughout the year a book study.  Past books include Tim Keller’s The Case for God.


Mens Prayer Breakfast

We hold a Men’s Prayer Breakfast as announced.


Lutheran Social Services Volunteer Days

Volunteer outings are held periodically as work days at the LSS Food Bank.

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Get Involved

Small Groups

Bless Others

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