•Child care providers must operate under reduced staff to child ratios

•Child care providers must check temperatures of staff, children, and adults

•Individuals with a fever of 100 degrees or higher, may not enter the facility

•Child care workers must ensure children wash hands upon entering the classroom

•Child care workers must follow rigorous hand washing procedures

•All staff will wear face masks at all times around the children


•Staff is and continues to be updated on health & safety practices and the new standards in child care

•We are maintaining low staff to child ratios

•Staggering drop-off and pick-up times to ensure social distancing

•Students temperatures will be checked and logged before entering the facility. Teacher will be wearing masks at all times.

•Staff will be sanitizing toys after each use

•Limiting parent and visitor entry into the preschool classrooms

•Staff and children will be following rigorous hand washing procedures

•If a child does have an illness, remain at home to ensure the safety of others in the classroom

What BSLC Preschool is Doing to Keep Our Students, Staff and Families Safe